Thursday, 1 February 2007

Grand Calleta Terminal & Sirkeci Station

Grand Calleta Terminal is on the Great Second Life Railway (GSLR) and is a transfer point to the Second Life Railroad (SLRR).
It will host the Second Life Rail Museum and provides rail yards for other Train owners free of charge.
Grand Calleta stands opposite the planned Rail Mall.
Grand Calleta is based on Sirkeci Station in Istanbul Turkey and is being designed by SL Engineer & Architect Qu Qi. Sirkeci was designed by a French architect for a Bavarian-born Belgian banker in 1873 under concessions granted by the Ottoman Sultan. (We did not invent globalization!) It was the terminal for the original Orient Express.
Grand Calleta will be the terminal for the Second Life Orient Express (SLOE), a subsidiary of Train Chartering.
We need high resolution photos of Sirkeci Station - can anyone help? Close ups of wall texture, windows, interiors etc.

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MinOtoR said...

About Sirkeci train station textures, I got some ;)

Have fun !

Asterion Coen