Tuesday, 13 February 2007

SLFlyer announces poster prep service.

Wellington Barham is going to offer turnkey poster prep for the SLFlyer posters. For a start he will make posters for some non-profits at no charge. The process is at follows:
1. Wellington confers with owner/operator client about what things should be pictured and what the text should be on each picture.
2. Wellington makes picture/ text, uploads, sets perms, installs in hoster.
3. Wellington sets floating text, object name. Installs notecard (which should carry landmarks) and sound files as supplied by the client with copy perms.
4. Wellington give SLFlyer a copy of the poster (to be posted) and sends a copy to the client.
5. For at least some non-profits (like the International Spaceflight Museum), Wellington will provide the first version free. This version will include a poster identifying him as producer and announcing his availability for future work of this kind.
6. Wellington will probably offer a standard version at low cost to all clients, with a higher charge for special and custom work.

Client actions in bold above.

SLFlyer makes nothing on this service. It is offered to help clients too busy to make their own posters. There is no need to use this service if you can make your own poster. If you are interested in Wellingtom's services, contact him directly.

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