Monday, 12 February 2007

Trains for Caledon

Comments by Desmond Shang.
Lastly - you BET I want to have rolling stock of all kinds running! Hobo rail is more than welcome, in fact I'd love it and so would others. What I do is rez a train at one end and de-rez it at the far end, which allows me to have entirely different trains every 10 minutes or so, if I want. Caledon is a whimsical place, and if every 100th train happened to be a modern bullet-train with a powerful airhorn, it would be worth the laugh! However, I still need to find and document the 'magic recipe' such that makes for good sim transitions. I've gotten some incredible multi-hundred prim train 'shapes' - but sadly I have no good way of getting these across a sim border in any reasonable fashion.

Comments by Thinkerer Melville
Interesting idea. The Hobo Rail cars are not in rolling condition now. And we don't have a locomotive for them. And the SLFlyer is not build yet. But running them in Caledon could be a good reason for that building and scripting.

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