Monday, 5 February 2007

Plans for SLFlyer

Following is an announcement to be sent to SLFyer associates. Here, associates are destinations to be displayed by the SLFlyer posters. The instructions will accompany the Poster Hoster 3 (object) and are intended to get people to Customize the poster for their site. We will then start displaying the posters in the Grand Calleta Terminal and environs.

Private Air Trains from Grand Calleta Terminal

‘From our place to yours’

The SLFlyer is a travel service from the Second Life Orient Express (SLOE).

The flying train will be used as the brand and the transport for the service.

SLFlyer helps newcomers chose destinations in SL.

SLFlyer organizes the destinations by interest.

On visitor request, SLFlyer presents images, note card descriptions, and landmarks for selected destinations.

Destinations are selected by you, the sim-owners, who provide the images and a note card with landmark.

SLFlyer introduces the interested visitors by PR and other promotional activities I SL and RL.

The first rail hub for the SLFlyer is alongside the Rail Mall at Grand Calleta Terminal

Grand Calleta Terminal is on the GSLR, the SLRR, and the Hobo Railroad Info hub. It is thus well positioned to attract and serve newcomers to Second Life.

Later SLFlyer will operate out of other SL rail stations and transport facilities such as ferry terminals and airports as well as shopping malls and favored ‘hang-out’ areas.

Cost? Zero to set up, except some effort for the poster.

If you have a public service, SLFlyer will remain free of charge.

For other destinations, we may ask for a small rental until we drive measurable traffic to your site.

For destinations developed by RL businesses for RL advantages, we may ask for RL monies.

All that is in the future. The first objective of SLFlyer is to bring you people!

First stage?
We are sending you an object called "SLFlyer Poster Hoster." Rez it and mod the contents:

>Give the object a new name that identifies your place.

>Edit the Text Floater script to the name of your place. Or remove the current text, leaving nothing but the quotes, if you hate floating text.

>Remove the existing note card and put in a note card describing your place. Include one or more landmarks in your note card. If you place is a whole sim, for example, you may want to offer several destinations.

>Delete the current images (textures) in the poster and load it with images that tell about your place. You will want the images to be consistent in shape, but you can use square, landscape, or portrait ratios. Adjust the shape of the poster to match your images. You may want to put the place name on all the images as we have done in the examples. Or you can use images of objects for sale and put the prices on the pictures.

>You may use X-rated images, but please include XXX in the name of the object. We will present those separately in a special kiosk marked "Plain Brown Wrapper," with appropriate texturing. There will also be clear warnings about the nature of the content. These arrangements will make the XXX kiosk the busiest of our offerings.

>Optional: The poster also plays sound files. It is presently loaded with soft crowd sounds. You can add sounds that present the special ambience of your place. As with the textures, just put them in the object contents and the script will do the rest.

For further information or for help with making poster contents, contact Geo Meek. Geo is usually in world and available for Skype conferences between, 5 and 8 pm SL time.

For additional and updating information about the SLFlyer, follow the Second Life Rail blog at:

The Second Life Orient Express
Paddy Paderborn

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