Monday, 2 April 2007

Tag your there

I have been out tagging train places. I am using a new HUD that lets people tag SL sites and put tags on the web. The website is

Anyone can go to that page and search on rail or train. Try that and see the SL locations you find. The locations work like slurls. If you are in SL, you get the map, location marked, with an offer of TP. If you are not in SL, the system will open your browser and take you to the place.

You can get the HUD to make these tags at Hobo Village in Calleta. If you want your places visible on the web, with google search working on them, you want this HUD. You want to tag. I believe this will become the predominant way to search for place in SL. No doubt the fans of Linden search technology will disagree... both of them.

Rail Graphics 3.2

I have done some refinements on the graphic I made to mark rail stations on the SL map. I put a white background behind it. That would not add a prim if you put it on a white roof, as might be reasonable for a rail station. If you put it directly on a roof, it will be visible to flyers as well as from the map.

You can see the graphic by looking at Thinkerer Quest on the map. You can take a copy from that location. Or IM me and I will send you one. I hope this will serve as common indicator of rail service.

Friday, 23 March 2007

SLFlyer Update

I have a useable (for stills) version of the SLFlyer. Prims: 10. The tradi drive uses only 1 prim. I am still working on the images it lofts. I have put in a few images of the flyer in the air over places in Calleta. I don't see them yet, but that may be a DB problem. I have given a copy of the the SLFlyer to Paddy.

Rail graphics 3.1

Objective: Develop common mark to identify railroad and rail stations on the SL map.

I have not been able to find any recognizable graphic for rail lines. Textures aren't captured on the SL map, so all we have to work with is color and prim shape.

I have found what I think is a good graphic to mark train statons. It is derived (thanks to Zimmy Zuhal) from the symbol on the Monopoly card. I made one and tested it on Thinkerer Quests. It is small, but clearly recognizable on the map (I think). Only 6 prims. To use it, you could put it on the roof or put it out of the way at 200 meters. I have sent one to Paddy for testing.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Update from Grand Calleta

I have bought more land from Zimmy Zuhal.
This gives Grand Calleta a wide frontage on the GSLR and opens possibilities for a second connected rail line.
Zimmy knows I am constantly on the lookout for land, so perhaps we will have more news later.
We should arrange for a regular Train service on GSLR to call at Grand Calleta.
Perhaps Qu Qi could coordinate with Athos since she has the technical experience and personal contact?
I do feel that movement is of course the essence of rail travel. It would be attractive to visitors to witness moving trains.
I need to speak to Aserion Coen about Train designs for the rail museum.
People are interested in the Sirkeci building and the big poster teases the imagination.
We need retailers / hoster posters in the Rail Mall building as well as 'operating' SLFlyers.
I will be getting 'camping' chairs in the Station Bar, which I understand encourages visitors.
Thinkerer has challenged me to make the business case for the direct involvement of Linden Labs in developing a more coordianted rail strategy for SL. This I will be doing in the coming weeks as RL allows (we all have busy RL lives!); the task is now easier than it was some weeks ago since I have learnt more about SL.
Comments welcomed!

Saturday, 10 March 2007

NEWS from Grand Calleta

NEWS from Grand Calleta

Asterion Coen has agreed to help in the development of the SL Rail Museum at Grand Calleta Terminal.
Asty specialises in loco and rail car construction, and has recently completed the British Castle Class steam engine, Olton Hall. This locomotive is used in the Harry Potter films.
His current project is an ICE3 high speed Train as operated by German railways Deutsche Bahn.
Olton Hall is currently beside the Rail Mall.
Rail Museum developments to follow on this blog!

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

SLFlyer upgrade

I have been working on the drive for the SLFlyer. I think I will use a Transdimensional (tradi) drive, though I may call it the slipstream drive for cover. Most people won't notice the difference.

I reworked my protype for the new drive. Took off the undercarriage and replaced it with a test version of the tradi drive. That is over Thinkerer Studio. I put image floater inside, so you can see the prototype as dreaming of itself. Later, I will get several pix of the Flyer in the air as if taking off. Then I will put all the pix in the Flyer with an image floater. Then the Flyer will constantly send off promotional images.

I think the drives look good. They take 6 prims now, but I will try out bigger drives with smaller prim counts. I am also working on proper sound for transdimensional drives in ready state. I think i will also prepare an audio checklist -- "infinite improbability generator on... phase modulators operating...inertial dampers online...Shroedinger's catalyst on and off... Quantum tunnel open..."

I am still planning on the special effects for flying the Flyer. This is not your father's old rocket ship.