Friday, 2 February 2007

Mall Update

Paddy says :
There are around 990 prims available.

Greg Colossus has already produced an impressive build of the full sized mall structure. It is on the final site. That does not mean that Paddy has decided to buy it although I am sure he is leaning that way. The build still needs texture and interior detail. I see that Hidenfire is working on a clock (the familiar 4-faced one), which would be an appropriate item of interior detail.

Hidenfire asks whether my comments mean that the builder has already been selected. Definitely not. But Greg already has the build to beat on structure. That is the only complete build we have seen so far. So any competition on overall structure needs to be visible soon or I will recommend to Paddy that he make an offer on Greg's structure.

Textures and interior detail remain to be done. I dont know whether Greg plans to do the textures or not. And the 4-way clock is probably needed. But is Greg ahead? As I said in the original announcement, Paddy needs it fast. So Greg is way ahead.

I told Paddy last Tuesday that we had builders who could get it done in a week. So next Tuesday, I will look at the situation and make some recommendations to Paddy.

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