Saturday, 3 February 2007

The SLFlyer and the poster hoster

Here are instructions I am preparing for the SLFlyer associates. A beta version of the poster hoster itself is available at Thinkerer Studios. Ground level. Presenting AKK Horse Ranch.

What do you do? We are sending you an object called "SLFlyer Poster Hoster." Rez it and mod the contents:

>Give the object a new name that identfies your place.

>Edit the Text Floater script to the name of your place. Or remove the currrent text, leaving nothing but the quotes, if you hate floating text.

>Remove the existing note card and put in a notecard describing your place. Include one or more landmarks in your notecard. If your place is a whole sim, for example, you may want to offer several destinations.

>Delete the current images (textures) in the poster and load it with images that tell about your place. You will want the images to be consistent in shape, but you can use square, landscape, or portrait ratios. Adjust the shape of the poster to match your images. You may want to put the place name on all the images as we have done in the examples. Or you can use images of objects for sale and put the prices on the pictures.

>You may use X-rated images, but please include XXX in the name of the object. We will present those separately in a special kiosk marked "Plain Brown Wrapper," with appropriate texturing. There will also be clear warnings about the nature of the content. These arrangements will make the XXX kiosk the busiest of our offerings.

>Optional: The poster also plays sound files. It is presently loaded with soft crowd sounds. You can add sounds that present the special ambience of your place. As with the textures, just put them in the object contents and the script will do the rest.

The scripts are available at my website:
Sound rounder:
Image display:

I hope to be ready to send out initial versions in a day or so.

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