Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Trainspotting in SL

Summary of our trainspotting in SL, so far:

Big Builds
GSLR. Athos Murphy. In Calleta, Cecropia, Purple, Perriwinkle and points south.
Caledon National Railway. Desmond Shang. In many Caledon sims.
SLRR. Nigel Linden. Find it at Hobo Rail Infohub. Exends both ways from there.

Smaller builds and facilities
Grand Calleta Terminal, Rail Museum, Rail Mall. Paddy Padderborn. In Calleta.
Boomslang Express (I made up the name). Barney Boomslang. In Lummerland.
Intercontinental Ferry. Qu Qi. From Purple to Cecropia, with stop and ANWR.

Toy Trains, for riding
Elf Train. Kitto Flora. About 50 copies in various sims.
PrimWorx. Zomax Delorian. Sold at Orwood.

There is more info on the blog. Probably some of these people will post additional info. Search the blog or contact the people if you need more info.
Trainspotting in SL

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