Thursday, 1 February 2007

More about the rail mall.

We talked last nite on Skype, Geo and Zan an Greg Colossus and me. Pav was there too but was having sound card problems so was limited to IM. Here are some things that came up.

Where is the location? Across the road from Paddy's train display and next to Heather's place. There is a small house there now to mark the place.

Prim limits? I don't know but Paddy will see this and answer I am sure.

Dimensions of Grand Central Station: Geo found ref: 650ft x 200ft. Hi: 100 ft.


Look and feel: Huge expanse, bustle, 4-way clock, big windows let in light. Perhaps look of the 1930's might be strogest appeal.

Has appeared in various movies, radio shows, and TV things. "crossroads of a million private lives..."

The mall will have vendors. Artist-builders can include them or not.

I will probably make a loop of crowd sounds with big room echos.


Paddy Paderborn said...

There are around 990 prims available.
The small house has been moved sideways behind Heather's place - a site office / meeting point for partners hosted by Nickey Chapman.
I am a relative newbie - so patience may be requested!

Paddy Paderborn said...

The retail areas below ground level are interesting for possible SL non-rail retailers, with convenient ramp access.