Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Wall imager and how I think we will use it

I have a convenient 1- prim display device that we will use in the SL train travel business. I call it wall imager. You put any textures you please into its contents and it will display them all in sequence. You can make it wall sized if you want. If the textures have transparencies, you will probably want it to have a blank wall behind it. If someone clicks on it it will deliver the top note card in its contents.

Our use for it will be as a wall poster displaying destinations in SL. In general, there will be one poster for each destination. The poster would present images of the destination. The note card will present a description of the destination and a land mark. (There could be multiple landmarks if needed.)

The main thing about this design is that anybody (almost) can use it. So we give it to people who want to have us display their sim or build. They take the pix. They make a note card. They send it to us. All we do is send out offers to host their poster in our Poster Hoster. And when we get it back, we put it up. I will be making a set of instructions and talking to Geo about this plan in the next day or so.

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Paddy Paderborn said...

I have put a wall imager on the side of our site office on the Rail Mall area.
It currently has 'default' images, but I will populate it with rail graphics & photos shortly.