Monday, 5 February 2007

Grand Calleta Terminal

Oh my! Buildings come and go so quickly here. Qu Qi has moved the SLOE terminal to the road, adjacent to the SLRR. In its place is a "Really basic train platform, free to rebuild." Actually, it is an attractive platform, open air with glass roofing. (Qu Qi is a well-known open source developer in RL, so an open-souce platform is reasonable,)

The other trains: GSLR, Caledon, Hobo, and one from Kitty Flora toys are on nearby tracks. A great exhibit and a good way to attract new visitors to the rail facilites in Calleta and Cecropia.

This build is adjacent to my land at Thinkerer Studios so I took up the open-source offer and extanded the middle platform over my land (only 5 prims per segment). Makes good visual integration with the other platform. I am using it now to display the trial version of the Poster Poster.

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