Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Why go to blogging?

Good. We are getting more people on this blog. Time to talk about objectives and how to hunt them.

The main goal in going to a blog is that it is open web and Google searched. Open web means:
you can send anybody a link to it,
you can put a link to it on your website (I did that),
everybody interested in railroads can read it (without joining SL).

Google searched means
people searching on railroads could discover it,
everbody interested in railroads in SL can easily find it,
anybody can easily search this blog for particular subtopics (such as model railroads).

A few things to know:
Better to make an original post as a contributor. Comments tend to get lost.
Use relevant words in the title and text. Easier to find on search.
You can go back and edit your posts at any time. So you don't have to get it right the first time.
Blogspot does not include an editor. A convenient online editor is available from Google. (See Google mail, top.)
There are no threads, just topics gathered by Google search.
It works better to focus on one thing in one post. For several things, use several posts.

Some main topics for now and immediate future:
Trainspotting in SL -- Fnd all the rail-related activities in Sl.
Sim-sim transfer -- How can trains transfer from one sim to another without all those interesting results?
SLFlyer -- Continue to develop and popularize the SLFlyer travel service.
Vidoes -- Make videos of those rail-related activities we have spotted.
Interoperation -- Develop methods to run trains on available tracks.
Promotion -- Promote available and potential SL train facilities to the public.
Lindenology -- Get the attention of the Lindens. Get them to listen to our needs. Maybe even get them beyond the point of explaining why they can't do what we want. (OK, I do think big.)

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