Wednesday, 7 February 2007

The SLFlyer is now distributing the Poster Hoster

The SLFlyer is now distributing its first product. That is the Poster Hoster. This object will display destinations of interest to newcomers in Sl. We will put up the posters at Grand Calleta Terminal and at nearby rail places with heavy newcomer traffic. (Hobo Info Hub is almost next door and the trains at GCT are attracting visitors.) Later we will seek other locations for displaying the Poster Hosters.

What does a Poster Hoster do? It displays images in its contents. The images tell about a particular destination. In our demo version the images tell about the AKK horse ranch, showing attractve places on the ranch. Click on it and you get a notecard with a description and one or more landmarks. The AKK ranch is a sim wiht several intersting places. So the owners may want to include landmarks to each.

The Poster Hoster also creates sounds. The demo version is now presenting sounds that give the ambiance of a train station. The AKK owners will probably want to replace those sounds with sounds of horses. Then the poster will attract with both sight and sound. Other sim owners will probably want to insert sounds that present the ambiance of their places. Or theme music. Or voiced invitations.

A demo version of the Poster Hoster is now on display (and free-to-copy) at Thinkerer Studios (ground level). That's between the Hobo Info Hub and the Grand Calleta Terminal. Geo Meek also has copies and will be inviting people to load the Poser Hosters with content publicizing their destinations. The Poster Hoster has complete (I hope) instructions on how to mod it and get it into our displays.

I will be posting FAQ items as soon as I can identify the FAQs.

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