Friday, 9 February 2007

FAQ2 for the Poster Hosters: Sounds

How many sounds can I put in the hoster? Whatever is the limit for object contents. About 4 sounds will be played in a minute. That is in the script. In future operations, your poster will probably live for a limited amount of time, say 10 minutes. So you would not bother with anything over 35 or 40 sounds.

How do I get sounds for the poster? If you want sound effects, you may find some that suit you in my sound stash. Thats a black woofer in Thinkerer Studios (upper level) between Hobo Railroad Info Hub and the Grand Calleta Terminal. If you want to make your own sounds, you can find instructions for recording with Audacity here:
Audacity is a free download (open source).

Can I include voice files? Sure. Anything you can upload into SL, you can put in the hoster. (If there is foul language, we will probably treat the poster as X-rated.) You can even control the order of the sounds by giving the files names that map the order you want into alphabetical order.

Are there volume controls? Yes, but we will turn them down if therare too loud.

There is a sound looper in the contents; can I change that sound? Sure. If you know how.

Can I change the sounds? Sure. When you want to change, contact Geo Meek. He will send you the current hoster for revision.

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