Monday, 5 February 2007

Qu QI news items

I will pick up some things that were posted on the SLbb and post them here with comments. That will give them greater visibility and perhaps open up discussion threads. This is part of Qu Qi's post offers news about recent developements.

I've reworked the ferry that runs between mainlands. It's running most of the time these days.

The GSLR south (ie: mainline) trolley is also running most of the time these days. (thanx Garth!) Ride it to Purple to catch the ferry.

The north GSLR line is not yet running but should be soon. I have extended the track right into Hobo's and Orhalla has been working on a station on the Infohub land there. There will be a bit of a challenge as the GSLR train will have to live on non-GSLR land for a little while, but it should be ok. The ferry lives on non-GSLR land almost all the time.

The Periwinkle Infohub is being reworked at the moment. Garnet has not had the time for it lately and has graciously allowed us to pitch in. Angel and Alex are working on a new build there. It will have all the normal Infohub stuff. Any Infohub helpcards, helpprims, etc appreciated.

I rode the ferry. Pleasant trip. It stops and ANWR and terminates and the GSLR north terminal in Cecropia. When the North GSLR line is done, you could catch a train there and ride to the Hobo Info hub. Zander has probably abandoned the idea of putting a station at the info hub because of the SLOE station being built a short distance away. I think the train will be on GSLR land when it is at the SLOE station.

I hope Qu Qi will contact Paddy to get contributor status on the blog and keep up the news of GLSR and Periwinkle. -- TM

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