Monday, 12 February 2007

Another rail fan

Post by Noland Brokken
Greetings, as a once avid rail modeller/operator, I'd love to get involved here - I've been to Caledon looking for Desmond's open-source, and not found it (is it still in Central Park somewhere? I'll look again when the grid isn't so crowded) although the train itself was running nicely. I very strongly support open-source projects, and might be able to contribute somehow. Every since seeing the beautiful decripit boxcars at the Hobo RR, I've wanted to get something "rolling".

(random thought warning) I wonder if a "hobo excursion" train featuring boxcars instead of passenger cars (and appropriate appointments) might not be as popular a ride as a high-class trip. Different destinations, of course - one could see some of the seamy "underside" of SL, the various industrial-looking areas, the various "seaports".... It's probably not feasible, but I'd ride it.

Has the train already left the station, or is there something a perfectionist builder/scripter/railfan might yet "play" with? I'd say my greatest strength lies in debugging/optimizing code that already proves the concept -- once I get my own ideas to that stage, I tend to lose interest and be looking for another challenge.

Comments by Thinkerer Melville
Lots of things to play with. We have an active rail fan group. I will post the name next time I can log into SL. As Paddy noted, the historical Rocket is on display at the train museum in Grand Calleta Station. He could probably use more historical stuff (low prim, I hope). I wish somebody would put notecards in things like that with historical info and weblinks. Or you could check with Paddy. He probably has additional suggestions.

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