Monday, 12 February 2007

The SLFlyer and ESL

Originally Posted by Fire Centaur
Hi there,your business sounds like a really cool idea... my question is.. how would it work? You'd have a station on each sim, and passengers would get on for free? Or for a fee? Then, the train would take them from sim to sim? Please let me know...I have an Island - English Village - its an Educational island... id be interested in having rail pass through my land... currently I have a private trainset already set up that takes my residents around my island...

Comments by Thinkerer Melville:
You are talking about the SLFlyer, I think. We will not try to compete with the teleport system. The entrepreneurial move is to find an unmet need. Here, the need is in finding destinations. People come into SL and wonder what to do, where to explore. There is no adequate service to meet that need.

The SLFlyer is a travel service. It presents destinations and invites people (via notecards and LMs) to visit them. It is now doing that in my poster hosters being put out around the Grand Calleta Terminal. Later, we will have lots of posters and a low prim scheme to present them. Then we will be looking for other places to host them.

The flying train concept is a marketing tool. I made a train lofter (particle system) to attract people to SLFlyer locations. The lofter simply sends up an image of our modernistic train. Zander (of Hobo RR fame), is building a (non-operating) train car to be displayed at Grand Calleta Terminal.

The way you might use the SLFlyer is to makes posters showing interesting places on your island. Since you are focused on English as a second language for Koreans, you would add text in Korean. You would also make short audio tapes with greetings in Korean. Your poster would then catch the attention of Koreans and people interested in Korea. On click, the poster would give them a notecard with a landmark to your island. The notecard would probably be in both Korean and English, with some explanation of why a person might want to visit your island.

This same pattern could be applied to other ESL islands, if there are any. I would like to know of such places for Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Italian. I frequently meet speakers of those languages as i wander around Hobo Village.

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