Monday, 19 February 2007

Forum post by Barney Boomslang about his sim and railway

The sim is named "Lummerland" and thx for the friendly mentioning. My railways work by using the tracks to run the train along - the train itself is fed by some "scouting prim" that checks via listeners for tracks around, builds a point list and feeds that back to the train engine, which moves along and feeds the but-fourth position on to the first wagon, which in turn to the second wagon ... could be made longer as needed, tracks can be - in limits - moved around to adapt the trains running and the possible max. overall length is quite ok. I'd say it can have up to 100 major waypoints, which would be around 50 track segments, each segment taking up two major waypoints (one at each of it's ends). With 30meter segments (or even longer - they don't need to be linked) that gives you quite some way. It can cross sims in theory - it's using global coordinates internally and the movement algorithms take sim borders into account - but I never tested that part.

I often hang out on my sim, so if someone is interested, just drop over and see wether I am on.

bye, Barney

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