Thursday, 8 February 2007

Railroads wanted

Can you name all the railroad builds in SL? I can't. But I need to name them for Geo Meek because I want him to send Poster Hosters to all the rail-related places. Here are the places I know so far:

Hobo Railroad. A hoster to Orhalla Zander.
GSLR - we will get hoster to Athos and Qu Qi. Probably can use several from this extensive build.
Ferry by Qu Qi. - deserves a hoster of its own.
Periwinkle Info Hub (on the GLSR) -- Another hoster for Qu Q, who has connections there.
Grand Calleta Terminal. A hoster fo Paddy Padenborn.
Caledon National Railway. Probably can use several from this extensive build. Will send a hoster to Desmond Shang.
SLRR -- I think Nigel Linden is still in charge on this. They probably have enough content for several posters, but I will be happy with at least one.

I think I know of some more rail-related places, but don't know the person to send things to. I hope this post will get more information. Post in comments or send info inworld to Thinkerer Melville.

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