Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Calling all Hobo builders

(extension of previous note card)
Paddy P. needs a train mall to go with his train museum and train station. Just a pistol shot down the road from our village. So I told him we got lotsa able and fast builder-artists in Hobo Village. But he doesn't know exactly what he wants it to look like. And so I made up this plan.

I am inviting the builder-artists of Hobo Village to use my island, Thinkerer Quests, to build examples of what his mall would look like if they built it. The examples may be miniatures. They may be exteriors or interior segments. They should remind people of Grand Central Station (NYC). There should be a spacious (high and wide) interior. He may add other suggestions later. I assume you can talk to him if you want to.

He will look at the examples and pick one or more builders to negotiate with. Main negotiating issues will be price and time frame. He needs it fast. He will pay in Linden dollars, and is not expecting to make you rich. But there are other possible benefits: He and I will invite other rail enthusiasts to the display. Maybe they will be interested in your work. I will look for other ways to get publicity for the work. There may be future work paid in real dollars.

There are a number of builder-artists that already have building powers at TQ. Those who don’t can contact Zander for temporary powers. None of these builds would necessarily become permanent exhibits at TQ. The will all be returned to you after the project is over. Contact Zan for places you can build, which may be above ground level.

Added suggestions (These are mine. Not Paddy’s. Check with him for authoritative views):
The example need not be complete. Use it to show your concepts and what you can do.
Google on Grand Central Station and use Google images. Get a feel for the place. Notice the images you see a lot (clock, for example).

I will see if Paddy wants some bustle and rail sounds (with big building echoes). Not a builder problem there, but a feel issue.

Instead of shop space, much of the vending might be by automated kiosk vendors. For interior work, put them on or not as you think best. They don’t all have to be at floor level.

You might look for ways to use the special potentials of SL.

If you need a script and don’t have it, don’t spend time trying to find it. Make a note card describing what the script would do.

Can people not in the Hobo group make a build? Sure. I am inviting all artists in the art quest group to this project. Others are welcome to make builds of their own, in locations of their own choosing. They would notify Paddy of the place to look.

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Paddy Paderborn said...

It has been announced today that the new remodeled St Pancras Station (dated from 1860) that will be the new international terminal for Eurostar in London is seeking to 'twin' with NYC's Grand Central Terminal.
The St Pancras trainshed roof was the largest single span of its kind when built. The ironwork has been repainted in the original blue.
Now there's a thought or two for an imaginative design!