Tuesday, 30 January 2007

All aboard!

Paddy and I are working on this project to:
>Enhance the visibility and entertainment values of the rail systems in SL.
>Build on the great values in Calleta, Hobo Village and the Info Hub.
>Improve the welcome we give to newcomers in Second Life.
>Provide useful travel information and services for people new to Second Life.
>Provide valuable marketing services to RL commercial enterprises in SL
>Develop ways to bring real dollars to people offering services in SL.
>Convince Linden Labs of the value of Calleta and its people and its needs.

We will be using this blog to communicate about what we are doing or might be doing Readers will be able to post comments. People who want to post as contributors should contact Paddy. We would like to have as contributors all the people in SL with a strong interest in Second Life Rail.

We intend to use this blog as a replacement for conversations on the SL forums. The advantage of a public blog like this is that it is available to people not (YET) in SL. We will also be interested in having comments from people intersted, for example, in model railroads or real world travel.

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