Wednesday, 31 January 2007


I am working on a project to make railroads and train stations clearly visible on the SL map. The general idea comes from the sky sign at Hobo Village (Calleta). We would mark train stations with a symbol floating high and big enough to be visible on the map. We would mark railroads with a similar symbol (same color, for example), but narrow enough to suggest a line and to fit over the right-of-way.

We would hope to get all SL rail lines to use the same symbols.

I am presently testing designs for visibility with minimum prims. The first tests will be over Thinkerer Studios in Calleta. I am inviting suggestions for the graphic.

Someone will no doubt say: “Why don’t you just get the Lindens to change the map software so that the map automatically shows railroads if you check a box.”

To that someone, I say: “Great! You go talk Linden Labs into doing that while I work on how we can do it ourselves.”


Lynne said...

Thanks for setting this up. I'll be sure to track what you're doing and let you know what (if anything - hah) I get done along the same lines.

-CoyoteAngel Dimsum

p.s. There are some free tankcars on a siding in Caledon Primverness that are compatible with Desmond Shang's Caledon rail infrastructure (in theory).

Paddy Paderborn said...

Clearly marked rail lines on the maps are fundamental to raising awareness of rail amongst SL inhabitants.
Some of the best ideas are the simplest.