Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Update from Grand Calleta

I have bought more land from Zimmy Zuhal.
This gives Grand Calleta a wide frontage on the GSLR and opens possibilities for a second connected rail line.
Zimmy knows I am constantly on the lookout for land, so perhaps we will have more news later.
We should arrange for a regular Train service on GSLR to call at Grand Calleta.
Perhaps Qu Qi could coordinate with Athos since she has the technical experience and personal contact?
I do feel that movement is of course the essence of rail travel. It would be attractive to visitors to witness moving trains.
I need to speak to Aserion Coen about Train designs for the rail museum.
People are interested in the Sirkeci building and the big poster teases the imagination.
We need retailers / hoster posters in the Rail Mall building as well as 'operating' SLFlyers.
I will be getting 'camping' chairs in the Station Bar, which I understand encourages visitors.
Thinkerer has challenged me to make the business case for the direct involvement of Linden Labs in developing a more coordianted rail strategy for SL. This I will be doing in the coming weeks as RL allows (we all have busy RL lives!); the task is now easier than it was some weeks ago since I have learnt more about SL.
Comments welcomed!

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