Wednesday, 7 March 2007

SLFlyer upgrade

I have been working on the drive for the SLFlyer. I think I will use a Transdimensional (tradi) drive, though I may call it the slipstream drive for cover. Most people won't notice the difference.

I reworked my protype for the new drive. Took off the undercarriage and replaced it with a test version of the tradi drive. That is over Thinkerer Studio. I put image floater inside, so you can see the prototype as dreaming of itself. Later, I will get several pix of the Flyer in the air as if taking off. Then I will put all the pix in the Flyer with an image floater. Then the Flyer will constantly send off promotional images.

I think the drives look good. They take 6 prims now, but I will try out bigger drives with smaller prim counts. I am also working on proper sound for transdimensional drives in ready state. I think i will also prepare an audio checklist -- "infinite improbability generator on... phase modulators operating...inertial dampers online...Shroedinger's catalyst on and off... Quantum tunnel open..."

I am still planning on the special effects for flying the Flyer. This is not your father's old rocket ship.

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