Monday, 5 March 2007

SLFlyer, Station Road and Place du Train

We have bought more land in Calleta!
We have laid Station Road.
SLFlyer will have its Travel Agency with Hoster Posters next door to Station Bar & SL Orient Express VIP Lounge.
SLFlyer will be on the other side of the road and will rez/de-rez (technology permitted) to creat impression of travel.
Place du Train (or Piazza del Treno / Zugplatz / Train Square) will lie between Station Road and Sirkeci / Grand Calleta Terminal. Needs landscaping.
Rail Mall is now visible from all over Grand Calleta.
Invite friends to view - we will 'formally' open Station Bar & Orient Express VIP Lounge in a couple of weeks with some SL PR pizzazz!

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