Monday, 2 April 2007

Tag your there

I have been out tagging train places. I am using a new HUD that lets people tag SL sites and put tags on the web. The website is

Anyone can go to that page and search on rail or train. Try that and see the SL locations you find. The locations work like slurls. If you are in SL, you get the map, location marked, with an offer of TP. If you are not in SL, the system will open your browser and take you to the place.

You can get the HUD to make these tags at Hobo Village in Calleta. If you want your places visible on the web, with google search working on them, you want this HUD. You want to tag. I believe this will become the predominant way to search for place in SL. No doubt the fans of Linden search technology will disagree... both of them.

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